Question Profile: Question Two

Ellie Chappuis, Journalist

November 4, 2018

Question Two regards whether a commision should be made to recommend amendments to the decision of the Citizens United case, which allows corporations to donate unlimited amounts to PACS (Political Action Committees, which significantly...

Candidate Profiles: Jay McMahon and Maura Healey

Abi McMahon, Journalist

October 11, 2018

                          Democrat Maura Healey is running against Republican Jay McMahon for the position of Massa...

Question Profile: Question Three

Ellie Chappuis and Mikayla Hannus

October 4, 2018

In just over a month, Massachusetts voters will not only elect representatives, but also vote on important ballot questions. Question three deals with a previous bill about transgender discrimination. Voting “yes” will keep...

2018 Midterms