Candidate Profiles: Jay McMahon and Maura Healey

Abi McMahon, Journalist

October 11, 2018

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                          Democrat Maura Healey is running against Republican Jay McMahon for the position of Massa...

Candidate Profiles: Charlie Baker and Jay Gonzalez

Miles Ellsworth, Journalist

October 10, 2018

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This November, Jay Gonzalez will be challenging incumbent Charlie Baker to decide who will lead Massachusetts into the future as governor. Governors are executives responsible for enforcing state laws. They also approve or veto...

Cartoon of Paul

Cartoon of Paul

October 10, 2018

Question Profile: Question One

Aidan Chappuis, Journalist

October 5, 2018

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Question 1 concerns nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in hospitals. It would usually require one nurse for every 4 patients at all times, with higher ratios for sicker patients, and would fine hospitals up to $25,000 for violations.   The...

Question Profile: Question Three

Ellie Chappuis and Mikayla Hannus

October 4, 2018

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In just over a month, Massachusetts voters will not only elect representatives, but also vote on important ballot questions. Question three deals with a previous bill about transgender discrimination. Voting “yes” will keep...

Spring Sports Update

Ellie Chappuis, Journalist

May 7, 2018

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With the spring season of sports starting up, Girls Softball and Boys Baseball both have a strong standing in their league. Our Softball team has recently defeated both Putnam and South Hadley, and on Friday they beat Belchertown...

Women’s Basketball Championship

Alice Wanamaker, Journalist

April 1, 2018

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From November of 2014 to April of 2017, UConn women’s basketball played 111 games. They won every single one, including four consecutive national championships. So when the 2017 NCAA tournament came along, the question on eve...