Diversity Update 2017

Ellie Chappuis, Journalist

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Last Friday, a group of students from EHS led by two UMass college students met to discuss homophobic microaggressions and what we can do to address them. As part of the program, we had discussions in small groups about what we have noticed and then shared with everybody. This helped us better identify the specific problem we see in our school relating to homophobia. Some problems I have noticed relating to this are students making offensive jokes; pressuring other students to share their sexuality; heteronormativity; phrases such as “that’s gay”; and students not making serious attempts to end these behaviors. Afterwards, the group spent much time discussing solutions, including how to react calmly, and how to educate fellow peers and teachers about dealing with microaggressions they hear. We are excited for the opportunity to share our findings with the EHS teachers at an upcoming presentation the group will lead!