A Day in The Life of a First Year Student

Ellie Chappuis, Journalist

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Somewhat based on real experiences

My alarm clock has decided to malfunction during the night, so I am awakened by a tired mom who has not yet had coffee (not an opponent I ever want). I slow motion fall out of bed and drag myself through the morning, finishing just in time to run onto the bus. After waving to the bus driver, I sit down, and yank my backpack onto my lap. I can just see my blue health folder poking out. Oh no. My health homework. I grab it out and rush through the questions I did not finish in class. My handwriting fluctuates depending on if the road is smooth and new, or seemingly made entirely of holes and bumps. As I stuff the homework haphazardly into my backpack, we pull into school, filing through the doors to find our huddles. Homeroom is sleepy. Next comes classes; some are utter chaos, some are amazing, some are boring, but most are all three. Some days they blur, other days they drag on and on and on and on and how are we still in school?!

After school comes another bus ride. After the usual philosophical conversations with the bus driver, I hop out and begin to walk to my neighbor’s house whose dog I walk. I make sure to bring treats for incentive, and walk twice around the neighborhood. When I arrive home, at approximately 2:55, I eat a snack that would usually qualify as a full meal. I rush through homework so as to have time for my odd variety of sports and activities. Two days a week there is karate, where I peacefully punch. Another two days a week I have fencing where I competitively stab, and one day a week is D&D, which is a sport for nerds without the sport part. After I am thoroughly sweaty, I come home, eat dinner, shower, and do other evening tasks. After snuggling with one or two cats who want to sit on my book, I fall asleep, (while thinking about grumpy cat memes) just to be woken up again as the cycle repeats.