As Schools Match Wits Info.

Aidan Chappuis, Journalist

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As Schools Match Wits is a competitive quiz show among high schools on WGBY. The EHS team for it this year is currently placed fourth in score, after winning our first match 210 to 95.

A match consists of four different rounds. In the challenge round, teams compete to answer questions for 10 points each. In the lightning round, questions on a single topic are asked quickly on a timer of 90 seconds total, with correct answers gaining 5 points and wrong ones losing 5. In the capitalization round, teams take turns picking a category and point value, answer a qualifying question, and then answer the ensuing questions for various amounts of points. If they miss the qualifying question, the other team gets a chance to answer it, or capitalize. This is followed by a second lightning round. The questions are from wide-ranging categories, but tend to focus on school subjects. The teams with the 8 highest scores in the first matches come back to compete in the playoffs for the championship. The show is taped at Westfield State University and airs saturday nights on WGBY.

Our current team consists of Dan Callahan, Aidan Chappuis, Frank Cole, Hannah Vescovi, and Michael Plumber as an alternate. We need more players for next year, as most of the current players are seniors. We have only 2 new people from this year, and will need 4, including an alternate. Any trivia buffs who would like to join are welcome. We meet most Fridays in the library.