Club Updates

Information on all of the current clubs at EHS

Aidan Chappuis, Journalist

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The Key Club meets at 7:15 on the first Friday of each month. They perform various community service projects. It is advised by Ms. Mason.


  • Rachel Sawan, Co-President
  • Dillan Wilson, Co-President

The Student Council meets at 7:15 on Thursdays, with an additional meeting for officers on Tuesdays. They help organize various events, and help advise the administration and school committee. It is advised by Mr. Beauregard.


  • Karina Patterson and Victoria Drejsa, Co-Presidents
  • Rachel Sawan, Vice President
  • Shane Gravel, Treasurer
  • Karli Doney, Secretary

The Drama Club has no regular meetings, but rehearsals in the lead-up to a production typically happen on Tues, Wed and Thursdays from 2:15-4:00. It is advised by Ms. Davis.


As Schools Match Wits meets most Fridays from 2-2:30 to do trivia and practice for competitions.  It is advised by Mr. Sampson.


Model U.N. usually meets (very irregularly) after school. They prepare for Model U.N. conventions. Each student must act as one person or country, research their positions, and work together to create a solution to whatever international problem the convention is presented with. It is advised by Mr. Orne.


The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meets on Tuesdays after school. It brings together LGBTQ and straight students to support each other and create a platform to fight for racial, gender, LGBTQ and economic justice. It organizes various events, participates in the annual Northampton Pride Parade, and attends conferences. It is advised by Ms. Soverow.


The Cooking Club meets weekly on Tuesdays after school to explore various cooking techniques and prepare a dish. It is advised by Ms. Mango.


The Ski Club goes on ski trips on some Thursdays after winter break. It is advised by Mr. Phelps.


The Outdoor Club meets every other Friday until about 3:00 to plan fun and exciting trips including whitewater rafting, ziplining, and hiking. It is advised by Ms. Anderson.


The Diversity Club meets every Wednesday until 2:45 to discuss topics related to social justice. It is advised by Mr. Alvarez.


The World Language Club meets bi-monthly usually on a Wednesday. It organizes yearly trips to international destinations.  Students meet to establish where they would like to travel and organize fundraising to help with added costs of the trip. It is advised by Ms. Mango.


The National Honor Society is open by invitation only, and meets monthly on a schedule determined by its officers. It is advised by Ms. Mason.


  • Dillan Wilson, President
  • Chantel Duda & Carlie Raucher, Co-Vice Presidents
  • Carly Detmers & Rachel Sawan, Co-Secretaries
  • Stephen Moszynski & Lisa Sikop, Co-Treasurers
  • Sierra Raskevitz, Tutoring Coordinator

The Eagle Newspaper meets on Monday and Friday mornings at 7:15. The newspaper is currently finalizing its schedule but the plan is to go all online this year. It publishes the newspaper you are reading. Advised by Ms. Claveloux.