Principal Candidate Profiles: Bill Evans

Miles Ellsworth, Journalist

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Bill Evans said that what attracts him to Easthampton High School is the proximity to where he lives. Working at EHS would greatly cut down on his travel time to and from work. He also sees this as his next progression in his life. He has served as vice principal in schools before, and is currently the principal of a very small high school.

There are many different goals he would want to accomplish, but one of his top goals is developing close relationships with students, and be active in the school community. One thing he wants to do is stand outside the door every morning to greet students. He also thinks that to be involved in the school community, he should spend as much time as possible in classrooms, hallways, and cafeteria instead of the office. He also wants to attend sports events and big games.

Mr. Evans wants to have a weekly newsletter which goes out to families explaining what is going on in the school. He also wants to be around during lunches and in the classrooms, and spend more time outside than inside his office. Standing outside the door every morning, he said, is also a way he will make himself available to students.

He thinks that administration does play an important role in school culture, and in order to support a healthy school culture, he believes the solution lies in addressing the needs of students. He said that when a student walks through the door, that would be his time to figure out what the priorities of students are, and knowing what kind of day that student is going to have. Through that, he said, he can help build a positive school culture.