SPIRIT Council Update

Abi McMahon, Journalist

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On Tuesday, December 11th, Easthampton High School held its second annual Diversity Day, a half day marked with cultural foods and performances traditional to different places around the world. Diversity Day was started in 2017 as a way to give students experiences from outside the United States while improving our school community. This year, SPIRIT Council had a table set up among the snack tables during Diversity Day.


SPIRIT Council was implemented into Easthampton High School in 2016. SPIRIT stands for Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together, and it’s a group of students who meet with Mr. Burke to find solutions to student-identified issues in the school. Though at first a very exclusive council, SPIRIT has opened its doors to all who want to join, and encourages new members to join them in the conference room every other Thursday.


For the past month, SPIRIT has been working on finding ways to get rid of the use of hate speech and other unacceptable language by students in the school. On Diversity Day, SPIRIT Council announced they would have a banner available to be signed by students and faculty pledging to think before they speak and realize that the words they use matter. After signing the pledge, SPIRIT Council was offering complimentary silicone bracelets that pledge the same. The signed banner will be displayed somewhere in the school in the upcoming days.


In case you missed the signing of the banner, SPIRIT Council will have a table set up during every lunch on Thursday, December 13th in Cafe Commons. Students and faculty who did not sign the banner on Diversity Day will have the opportunity to do so and receive a free bracelet during their lunch.