Candidate Profile: Donald Humason

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Candidate Profile: Donald Humason

Credit: The Capitol View

Credit: The Capitol View

Credit: The Capitol View

Credit: The Capitol View

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State Senator Donald Humason (R) holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Westfield State University. He served five terms in the Massachusetts House of Representatives before being elected to the Massachusetts Senate. He lives in Westfield, MA. Humason is an incumbent, and

LGBT+ Issues

In 2004, Humason voted against the establishment of marriage equality in Massachusetts. He was the lone ‘no’ vote on establishing transgender anti-discrimination protections in 2016 (the continuation or repealing of which is being voted on in Question Three).


According to, Humason holds a low (32%) rating from Progressive Massachusetts, an organization which supports single-payer healthcare for all. He holds a 100% rating from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, an organization which opposes doctor-assisted suicide.


Humason has not publicly shared an opinion on this issue.


Humason voted against a bill which would have allowed undocumented immigrants to receive in-state tuition rates at public universities.

Gun Control

Humason has been endorsed by the NRA and the Gun Owner’s Action League, both of which support looser gun regulation and a broader understanding of the Second Amendment.


Humason holds a 0% rating from Planned Parenthood and a 100% rating from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, suggesting that he is pro-life.



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