An Update from the Award Winning We the People Class

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An Update from the Award Winning We the People Class

Kristin Hartley, Journalist

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On Thursday, March 8th, Judge Richard J. Carey of the Massachusetts Superior Court came to the high school and spoke to students from ’We the People’, AP US History, and Forensics classes about the court system in the state, especially in regards to jury service.


The Pasta and Politics Spaghetti Supper on Friday March 16th was a resounding success. The team met their goal for the event, but there is still money to be raised to fully fund their trip to Washington, D.C. for the national finals of the ‘We the People’ competition.


The team also had a petting zoo on Sunday March 25th at Heritage Farm, and the World Language Club had a bake sale at the petting zoo. It was well attended and a blast for everyone involved.


On Monday March 26th the students will be traveling to the Massachusetts State House in Boston to participate in hearings with their questions for nationals in front of legislators and staff. Questions for the national finals were released by the national ‘We the People’ organization in February. Groups from all states will respond to the same three questions.


On Tuesday, March 27th, ‘We the People’ students will be recognized at the Easthampton School Committee meeting.  


A Battle of the Bands will be held on Saturday March 31st from 7:00 – 10:30 P.M. at EHS. Six bands will compete for the grand prize of two fully produced song recordings at Sonelab in Eastworks and a performance at Luthier’s Co-op on Cottage Street. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.


On April 10th, ‘We the People’ students will meet with residents of the Lathrop community.  Students will present their units and engage in a question and answer session with attendees.


In an event called ‘Constitutional Conversations’ on Tuesday April 24th students will practice their hearings for the public.


The national ‘We The People’ finals will take place from Saturday April 28th to Monday April 30th. Students will be flying to Washington DC on Friday April 27th, and will fly back on Tuesday May 1st. Each unit will have one hearing on Saturday and one on Sunday where they respond to one question. The last of the three questions will be presented on Monday, assuming that Easthampton places in the top ten, based on the preceding hearings. Monday’s hearings determine the winner. When the students are not competing, they will be visiting museums and other places of historical significance, including the new Smithsonian Museum of African American History, Mount Vernon, presidential monuments, the Holocaust museum, the National Archives, and the Newseum, a museum of First Amendment history; as well as touring the capitol building.