Black Panther Movie Review

Karina Patterson, Editor

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The film, Black Panther, came out on February 16, 2018. It is not only the latest Marvel superhero movie, but a turning point in the series. This movie focuses on Prince T’Challa returning to the African nation of Wakanda to be coronated as king after his father’s death. As king, he must face fierce enemies trying to expose and exploit Wakanda’s resources as well as facing the fact that following tradition may be the simple path but not always the right one.

This film is extremely diverse in both the casting and within the plot itself. Although made up, Wakanda is an African nation and was inspired by various traditions and cultures throughout Africa. The costumes the cast wear are inspired by both modern and traditional clothing from many African tribes, as well as the piercings, tattoos and certain scaring.

It is the first black superhero movie so it is a big and very important step in modern day filmmaking. Representation is everything. By seeing a black superhero on screen, young viewers not only can relate to the main character but be empowered by him. Women are also represented as equal in this film; T’Challa’s army is made up of female warriors known as the Dora Milaje.

As mentioned before, representation is everything and movies have a lasting impact on people who view them so having the kind of diversity and equality this movie has is part of the reason it is so great. Even if you are not looking for the deeper meaning in the film, it is still an amazingly put together movie with a great plot and wonderful acting.

This movie is a groundbreaking step forward and has only been out two days but has already seen immense success in the box office. It is highly recommended and you will walk out of the theater feeling good. But don’t leave right away, there are two after-credit ending scenes you can’t miss!