New K-8 Building

Karina Patterson, Editor

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We (as high schooler students, staff and teachers) have enjoyed our brand new building for almost five years now. The nice air conditioned rooms in the spring, the amazing computer labs, the stunning auditorium and the general look and feel of the building itself. However, we have to remember the days of White Brook or elementary school in Center/Pepin or Maple (for those who have always been in the Easthampton district) where we were not so lucky to have such a beautiful school.

We would see stink bugs daily in the classrooms at WBMS, have to brace ourselves to go to the bathroom at Center in fear of seeing a spider bigger than our own heads or having to have gym in the cafeteria at Maple for there is no gymnasium. We had to wait a better portion of our educational paths to get to the school we are now, but why should we have to?

There is a plan in motion right now to build a new K-8 school on the lot of WBMS to consolodate all three schools, White Brook, Center/Pepin and Maple. It is estimated to cost between $100 and $156 million. There is question whether to renovate and add to the original White Brook building or tear it down completely and start from scratch. However, it has been reported by school officials that WBMS is actually in worse shape than the three elementary schools.

Nothing is official as of now whether to move forward with the building or not, but if approved it is speculated to begin construction in 2019 and finish by August of 2020. The funding for this project will be voted on in the spring of 2018. There are many students who will be eligible to vote by that point. Go out and register. We have been able to enjoy the luxury of our school, it’s time to share the wealth. Before voting, do more research on the plans and attend the public forums discussing the building. Learn all you can before making the decision to vote.