My life.

Barinder Sani, Student Poem Submission

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Abandoning my roots has always been my worst fear.

Slipping away from my morals and lessons. The thought, always made me very distraught.

Moving, but not knowing where I’m going.

Filling every void in my life with the pinch of freedom I was given.

Too scared to talk, I was trapped and my voice was never heard.

Flying, feeling free as a bird. Not that I am, But the thought gave me hope. Which I transferred to the real world and in the things I knew I deserved.

Doing things for myself and not for others, made me realize my self worth was way more than just the perception of my peers.

As I move forward, I tell myself that this life is mine. The pain, happiness, and struggle I go through will be worth it, it’ll just take time.


  • Barinder Saini