EHS wins state finals in We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution

Aidan Chappuis, Reporter

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The team after their win

The team and family members

On Saturday, January 27th, EHS won the Massachusetts State We The People congressional hearing competition against public and private schools from across Massachusetts. The 21 students competed in a congressional hearing simulation for which they became experts on certain aspects of the US Constitution, testifying in front of a panel of judges including lawyers, law students, teachers and researchers from across the state. With the help of local attorneys, Stephen Linsky and Nancy Sykes, student teacher Tim Wood and many other EHS alumnae, we beat out 5 other schools and will be competing in Washington D.C from April 27 to May 1. The students will prepare new statements for the national hearing questions over the next few months, and Ms. Brown and some parents will immediately begin a fundraising campaign.
Please contact Kelley Brown if you would like to help or support. [email protected]

Team Members:

Charlotte Banigan-White
Tierney Boyle
Ryan-James Bragg
David Brakey
Vinnie Catalano
Aidan Chappuis
Carly Detmers
Victoria Dresja
Chantel Duda
Shane Gravel
Kristin Hartley
Quinn LaFountain
Amber Mutavelic
Shane O’Donnell
Devon Owens-Heywood
Lucas Patton
Hunter Pelkey
Carlie Raucher
Nic Soucy
Fernando Tenesaca
Dillan Wilson

The team being told that they won