2017-2018 Staff

Ryan Latour

Comic Designer

Ryan is a sophomore at Easthampton High School (class of 2020). He truly loves to draw and is inspired by video games.

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Eileen Claveloux


Eileen is the advisor to the Newspaper Club. She is also a graphic arts and multimedia teacher at Easthampton High School.

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Aidan Chappuis


Aidan is a junior at Easthampton High School (class of 2019). He has been involved with the newspaper since his Sophomore year. He is also involved with As Schools Match Wits, Model UN, and Student Council. He enjoys reading,...

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Ellie Chappuis


Ellie is a first-year at Easthampton High School (class of 2021).

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Alice Wanamaker


Alice is a first-year at Easthampton High School (class of 2021). Being on the newspaper staff is just one of the extracurriculars she is part of at EHS. Others include Drama Club, As Schools Match Wits, and Student Council. When...

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Karina Patterson


Karina is a senior at Easthampton High School (class of 2018). She loves to write, so joining The Eagle is a great outlet for her to write about important events in the community. She is also involved in Student Council, National H...

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